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Using a 5 Area Assessment of the Self-Critical Network

5 Areas of Assessment

#1  Assess Pathological Practices
The first area of assessment is to asses pathological practices. To do so, simply assess the precise nature of the destructive self-critical practices that the client is employing. Do so in such a way that, not only can you learn their nature, but the client becomes acutely aware of what he or she is doing.  In addition to standard interviewing techniques, having the client slef monitor, interviewing him or her in the role of the self critic, and logically reconstructing the nature of self critical acts from their effects all represent effective ways to obtain this information.

#2  Assess Ownership of Self Critical Behaviors
The second area of assessment is to assess ownership of self critical behavior.  This can be done by assessing the degree to which clients fully recognize that they are the perpetrators of self critical actions.  Do they recognize this or do they experience the behavior as somehow inflicted on them by sources that seem beyond their control?

For example, a client may make the statement that his or critic won’t leave them alone.  To change, would you agree that clients must ultimately assume as position of recognized personal authorship and control over self critical actions.

For #3,  #4 and #5 Area of Assessment go to Self-Esteem Courses.

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