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6 Skills & 7-Point Assessment for Interpersonal Process Recall

Six Key Skills
Among the many skills to be learned, I focus on six key skills.

–Skill # 1- The first of these is for the supervisee to develop awareness of his or her internal processes, such as bodily sensations and emotions, and be able to accurately describe them to his or her supervisor. At the end of this track, I will provide you with a specific technique I use with supervisees.

—Skill # 2 – As you know, a second connecting skill that is vital for the supervisee is the ability to develop awareness of the moment-to-moment  interaction between him or herself and the client; and be able to articulate this to the supervisor.

–Skill # 3 - In addition to awareness of internal processes and awareness of moment to moment interaction with a client, the third skill I teach in training is the ability to present work economically. By economically, I mean using well-chosen words and metaphors.

–Skill # 4 - In addition to developing awareness of internal processes and client interaction, and presenting work economically, the fourth of these skills is a discussion as to how the supervisee will present his or her work.  For example, will the clinical supervisee present his or her work in a  face-to-face informal chat after each meeting with a client, or a weekly one hour face to face meeting, or an audiotaped summary.

As you may be aware, several state licensure regulations regulate the format and length of the meetings required.  If you are not sure if your state regulates the format and length of the meetings between a supervisor and supervisee, check the internet.  Do you agree that teaching this skill helps supervisors and supervisees find methods that suit the developmental needs and learning style of the supervisee most effectively?

–Skill # 5 – Fifth, I find it important to educate clinical supervisees in the process of feedback. Regarding feedback, we discuss both how to be open to it, and how to be prepared to monitor his or her practice according to this feedback.

–Skill # 6 - Finally, in addition to developing awareness of internal processes and client interaction, presenting work economically, negotiating presentation styles and schedules, and accepting feedback, I find that the sixth important skill I convey for supervisees is how to monitor and review his or her use of supervision, and how to take responsibility for giving feedback to his or her supervisor about the supervision received. I also convey how useful this feedback has been to the supervisee and his or her clients.

For 7 Point Assessment go to Supervision

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