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3 Factors of Pathological Gambling

Factor #1 – Cost of Gambling
Often, clients bet larger amounts of money than they intended to, and these amounts grow even larger over time.  Not surprisingly these clients usually lose their money, but that does not stop them.  Pathological gamblers may return the next day to try to win back their losses.  As you know, over time, gambling becomes a bigger and bigger part of their lives, interfering with work, relationships, and other interests.  Often at this point compulsive gamblers try to stop gambling, but they cannot even though they may have to borrow money to support the habit.  Some clients may even break the law to obtain money so they can gamble.

The DSM estimates that between two and three percent of the adult population in the United States are compulsive gamblers.  Male compulsive gamblers often begin during adolescence.  However, women tend to start to gamble later in life.  By the time a compulsive gambler seeks help, clients generally have an average debt running from $55,000 to $92,000.

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