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Inundation of Vehemence: Helping Clients Control 3 Manifestations of Anger

3 Manifestations of Anger

#1 Anger Arising from Limitations
The first manifestation of anger is anger arising from limitations.  Clients who experience chronic pain find themselves constantly frustrated by the reduced scope of their abilities.  Because of their loss of independence, clients become angry at themselves for their lack of ability but also those who do not accept or recognize their limitations.  When another person asks a client to perform beyond their capabilities, the client becomes enraged at him or herself for not being able to accomplish it and also the other person for not recognizing and validating the client’s condition.

Carol, age 31, had an enflamed disc in her spine that caused her constant pain.  One day, a new manager at her office asked her to carry a box down to the warehouse.  Unable to carry the box, but also equally unable to explain her weakness to her manager, Carol instead asked one of her friends to do the task for her, but still complained about the ignorance of her new employer.  Carol stated, “He didn’t even ask me if I could carry that box, he just ordered me to!  He’s such an inconsiderate ass!  I bet if he expressed one ounce of concern for his employees, his head might implode.”

Carol’s unwarranted anger was quick in passing, but I still asked her to explain her condition to the manager the next day.  I stated, “I know that you know people cannot read minds.  If you do not explain to the people around you about your back pain, you will only find yourself becoming more and more angry at your situation.”  I asked Carol to make a list of people that should know about her condition to reduce the frequency of her angry outbursts.

Think of your Carol? Is he or she angry about his or her limitations?

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