Awakening Joy Class Two

Being present for your life – chapter 2 presented in this class is being present in your life and the total of mindfulness.

Personal experience: I personally have a resistance to being mindful because it requires that I slow down and pay attention to how my five senses are interacting with the present moment. I personally feel perhaps you agree that our culture raises us to feel we need to be productive in every moment. Therefore slowing down elicits an internal resistance within me. However on the mornings when I awaken I remember to just breathe and focus in on what I see, hear, feel, smell, and taste it seems like my day goes a lot better. My resistance comes in because internally I want to be problem-solving. My mind once to float into if A and B are happening what is solution C.  So what happens is I’m doing something that seems at the time isolated and not related to be more productive by, for example, focusing in on how my breath feels against my tongue. But for some strange reason the days that I start off with just two, three, four or even five minutes of focusing on my breath I end up being much calmer and better organized throughout my day. So I find mindfulness, personally, to be one of the most powerful of the 10 tools. And perhaps because it is so powerful, it is the hardest for me to initiate and use. Show of hands, how many of you have started into a a meditation practice and for whatever reason are not practicing daily?

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